Fulton Place Community Garden

The Sunshine Garden

Fulton Place Community Garden is a group of neighbours from the Greater Hardisty Area that aim to cultivate community by growing a garden together!  It is a community gathering place where neighbours of all ages can come together to learn, grow and make new friendships.  We also aim to demonstrate what a vibrant food garden looks like, to promote local food and urban agriculture. The garden is named the "The Sunshine Garden" and is located on land made available by St. Augustine’s Anglican Church, at 6110 Fulton Drive.

The vision for the garden is to “cultivate personal, neighbourhood, and environmental well-being through a welcoming garden community”.  

There are four guiding purposes for the garden:

  • Cultivate community through a welcoming, accessible neighbourhood garden that provides opportunities for community partnerships

  • Fertilize environmental stewardship by raising awareness about sustainable urban agriculture

  • Pollinate educational opportunities by sharing garden experiences, showing children how food is grown, and demonstrating a vibrant food garden

  • Germinate healthy living by growing nutritious food, being physically active, and enjoying a peaceful place

The garden is intended to provide a safe, inviting location in the community where neighbours will have the opportunity to grow their own food and make new friendships.  We intend to grow community by growing a garden together!  We especially want to focus on seniors and children, as we have so many seniors and young families in our neighbourhood.  As such, we have designed the garden to accommodate those with reduced mobility, including 25" raised beds, an accessible shed and specialized garden tools for those gardening from a seated position.  We want to make sure all community members have an opportunity to be involved in the garden.  For children we have made exciting partnerships with Fulton Place Childcare Association, Capilano Playschool Association and Hardisty K-9 School to further involve children and teach them how food is grown.  Over the last couple of years, hundreds of students have planted seeds and seedlings in the garden, and have received a garden tour, and hopefully a new appreciation for gardening and how to grow food!  Kids love visiting the garden!

Please visit www.fpcommunitygarden.net or www.facebook.com/groups/fultonplacecommunitygarden/ for more information.  

We meet on the third Wednesday of each month at St. Augustine’s Anglican Church or in the garden.  All welcome!

EMAIL fpcgcontact@gmail.com