Greater Hardisty Community Sustainability Coalition


Like it or not — Alberta, Edmonton, and even our comfortable and desirable community of Greater Hardisty is facing change. Fortunately, we have an opportunity to influence our future.

For more than half a century, Greater Hardisty (Capilano, Gold Bar, Forest/Terrace Heights and Fulton Place) has served the needs of families from pre-school children through to empty-nesters and seniors. These include: a range of schooling, recreational facilities/opportunities, options for shopping, dining and other key services close to home - all contributing to create a sustainable community. The area’s population peaked in 1971.

Today the population in Greater Hardisty is close to 13,860 residents. The provincial Gold Bar constituency of which Greater Hardisty belongs is also home to the largest percentage of seniors of any constituency in Alberta. These changing demographics have created some challenges for Greater Hardisty including: school closures (the number of school-aged children has sharply decreased in recent years), a lack of affordable housing for young families and a shortage of alternative housing options for seniors who want to remain in their communities as they age, but not necessarily in single family homes. A loss of these amenities and services puts our sustainability - and community’s future - at risk.The Greater Hardisty Community Sustainability Coalition is a group of concerned citizens who came together to ensure Greater Hardisty remains a vibrant neighbourhood for generations to come. Originally formed nearly two years ago as a lobby group to save St. Gabriel School, the coalition has since broadened its mandate to focus on the strengthening the entire community by promoting Greater Hardisty as an ideal place to Live, Learn and Play for people of all ages.

To achieve this goal of future sustainability, change needs to occur. If we want to continue to provide school choices for our children, shopping and services in the community and housing options for all families, we must encourage more people to move to our area. This means increasing density in our neighbourhood to allow more housing options for everyone. While we need our community’s population to grow and diversify, we must also ensure future changes address our community’s needs and values. The coalition strongly believes area residents must lead the charge in determining how the community will unfold in the future, rather than change being imposed without input.

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Read more about the group at: #greaterhardistybackgrounder and #greaterhardistyhistory